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Experience The Best Kambo Frog Cleanse Ceremony the 'vaccine of the forest'. Kambo is a secretion which containts nine powerful bio-active peptides and is obtained without harm from the Giant Tree Frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor. Kambo is a powerful natural, shamanic medicine traditionally used by many tribes of the Amazon to remove 'panema' or bad luck, gain clarity. heal, cleanse, strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Now you can experience the benefits of Kambo Ceremony UK and Worldwide by appointment with treatments carried out with love by Kambo Spirit, IAKP International Association of Kambo Practitioners Practitioner and Teacher 🙏🏽💚🐸

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Safe, natural healing from the Amazon

Kambo frog Medicine Healing Cleanse

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Kambo Spirit Frog Medicine Healing Cleanse UK

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I offer the safe provision of Kambo as a highly-trained IAKP Practitioner and Trainer with a purpose to serve your needs. Kambo is not to be approached lightly, nor in ignorance or disregard for contraindications and your own safety. Please do not avoid clinical diagnosis, conventional medical practice, tests, assessments and procedures.